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   Is a Master teacher of meditation.  His unique teaching methods have allowed thousands around the world to master the art and science of meditation and live more enriched lives.
Mr. Quant has developed the simple, yet very effective technique of                       Integrated Quantum Meditation.

The effectiveness of this  technique is not dependent on  the persons belief system, or ability to concentrate.

This practice of meditation provides a natural,  yet powerful alternative to the many unhealthy coping mechanisms for dealing with stress, anger, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

IQM is simple, practiced 20 minutes twice a day while sitting comfortably with your back supported and eyes closed.  It’s not a religion, philosophy or lifestyle.

Weight Management
It is well documented in the Health and Wellness communities that meditation is an important part of Weight Management.

Many popular meditation websites feature guided meditations that are specific to weight loss.

The George Quant's Quantum  Flow Meditation courses take a holistic approach to Health and Wellness. He addresses the source of most problems facing society today stress. The same 4cd course is used for:
Weight Management
Sobriety and Recovery
Post Traumatic Syndrome
and Stress Management.

You will learn how the effects of IQ Meditation will follow you throughout the day, resulting in increased happiness, joy, energy and vitality.

Learn about the nature of pure awareness as the enlightened part of the mind that has never known depression, anxiety, or toxic emotions.

IQM technique allows your mind to settle inward to experience the source of thought — pure consciousness.  This is the most silent and peaceful level of consciousness — your innermost Self. In this state of restful alertness, your brain functions with significantly greater coherence and your body gains deep rest.


" After almost a year now of having practice IQ Meditation, I can see the dramatic changes it has made in my life. I am happier, healthier, more grounded and my work has excelled to higher levels."
Angelica Sepulveda

"It was the most profound experience with consciousness I have ever had.  George has a gift in being able to teach anyone how to meditate."

Gina Cloud author of
W.O.M.A.N.: A New Definition.

"I have experience several profound spiritual experiences over my lifetime. It wasn’t until I began IQM that I’ve begun to recover a lost, languishing part of myself. I am remembering what I forgot during the stressful years. "
Dorothy J. James

"George Quant takes all the mystery and misconceptions out of meditation and once and for all teaches us how simple meditation can be.  The meditation sessions are short and comfortable, and doesn’t require concentration and discipline - All that is needed are 2 short meditations twice a day for optimal results."
Jose Alfredo Barberena Poire

I have the 4 CD set and it works, I’ll be at the free class for Wave fans!

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Whether your journey
began from the media, one of the IQ Meditation dedicated websites, you will find the 4 CD Integrated Quantum Meditation course or the 3 hour live IQM course to be at its foundation. The anecdotal research tells the story of why IQM may quite possibly be the most powerful secular meditation technique available today.

                                Receive insight
on how meditation can create perfect balance in our mind, body and spirit.