Dear Nita Vallens,

I am forever greatful to you for bringing George Quant to KPFK and sharing his genius with us all.  His meditation technique has profoundly impacted my life on many levels,  personally as well as professionally.   Throughout the last several years I have been searching for that ideal meditation experience and have tried several modalities which all ended in disappointment.  I thought meditation was just not for me, I thought my brain was just not suited for meditation.  Blessed be the day that I tuned in while driving around the streets of LA, when you had George Quant at your side, speaking of his work, and the many health benefits of I Q Meditation.   I quickly parked the car, and was instantly moved to pledge, to have that experience you shared with us, using IQ Meditation.

After almost a year now of having a daily meditation practice I can see the dramatic changes it has made in my life.  I am happier, healthier, more grounded and my work has excelled to higher levels.  THANK YOU so much for bringing this precious gift to us all, a gift that is changing the world one breath at a time.

Forever greatful,


Angelica Sepulveda