Is a Master teacher of meditation.  His unique teaching methods have allowed thousands around the world to master the art and science of meditation and live more enriched lives.
Mr. Quant has developed the simple, yet very effective technique of                       Integrated Quantum Meditation.

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Quanum Flow of Meditation
An Inspirational Discourse of the Benefits of Meditation
How and Why it Works Part 1
1. A Wondering Mind Still Meditates        (19:12)
2. How Not to Concentrate                       (17:26)
3. Thinking the Mantra Without Effort       (19:54)
4. Benefits and Why They Last (15:58)

Integrated Quantum Meditation (IQM)
Technique and Instructions Part 2.
1. How Not to Concentrate   (6:27)
2. Grounds and Insights for Correct Meditation     (14:46)
3. The Mantra and How to Use it  (13:36)

Integrated Quantum Meditation (IQM)
Tips and Guidlines for Daily Practice Part 3
1. Meditation Expirences Explained          (21:08)
2. Tips and Guidlines for Daily Practice    (19:51)    

Integrated Quantum Meditation (IQM)
Established In Being:
For Technical Support
Liston to Only While Meditating Part 4
1. Estabilshed In Being(28:10)
2.Dolphin's Timeless Place (Short Version)  (11:14)
3.Dolphin's Timeless Place (Extended Version)   (19:53)